Friday, October 25, 2013

Evenly Spacing Buttonholes

I had a lovely trip to Tucson.  The highlight of the trip were the javelinas who visited the patio most mornings.   I wasn't stupid enough to think I could interact with them, especially as there was a mother with babies.

I have been working like mad to finish up the garments for the photo shoot on November 6th especially as I will be out of town AGAIN next week.  It will be a close thing.

I'm sorry I couldn't list those that had completed lessons in my last post.  I have had some frustrations with Blogger lately.  This week it was a problem uploading photos.  I almost gave up.  I managed to review the lessons that had arrived while I was gone.  Several arrived during the week.  Again, I will be gone from Oct 26-Nov 1 but it generally doesn't take me long to get caught up.

Since I didn't have much time this week to devote to the tip I decided to use my current project...the cardigan for the twin set since I had to evenly space buttonholes on it.

I am not a bit fan of formulas in knitting, mainly since I am a math idiot but also I've noticed that some knitters rely solely on formulas and don't consider factors like the stitch pattern.  I prefer to treat each project individually.  The first thing I do before even thinking about where to place the buttonholes is to use my gauge  swatch to work a sample buttonhole.  This lets me see if the buttonhole will work with the stitch pattern and how many rows I will need to have the buttonhole centered in the band itself.  This also lets me know how many rows I will need to make the buttonhole.  Some buttonholes require several rows and if this is the case, this must be factored into evenly placing them.

Once you know the type of buttonhole I plan to make, I work the button band.  I write down the number of stitches I have picked up.  I make sure to work the number of rows I have determined I need for the buttonhole to be centered on the band.

Using the button band, I decide where I want the first and last buttonholes.  I count the stitches before the first buttonhole and those after the last one.  I subtract those from the total number of stitches.  I then divide the number of buttonholes I need between the first and last into the number of stitches.  This tells me the number of stitches I need between the buttonholes.  I use this as a ballpark number.  I put the buttons on the band and see how this looks.  I make changes as necessary.  I prefer to work with number of stitches.  If there are 20 stitches between some buttonholes and 21 between others it is not the end of the work.  I just work with it.

The video shows the process I went through with this sweater with one change.  In the video I worked it out for 6 buttons.  I realized after I made the video that the pattern (which I have already turned in) calls for 7 buttons.  OOPS!  It was easier to change the number of buttons than the pattern!  Evenly Spacing Buttonholes


I will be leaving town so there won't be a salon this week.  We will resume on Sunday, November 3.  I am also missing the opera tomorrow.  The first opera was while I was in Charlotte and I was teaching that day.  I miss them.


I don't know what I was thinking when I signed on to doing the twin set.  I used size 3.00mm needles so it took forever and I had to rip things out several times.  Interesting thing about the has no memory so when you rip it out, it isn't kinked at all.  I wouldn't recommend this yarn for anything that requires body.  It was perfect for the twin set..really drapey.  Here are some photos of the completed garments.  The shell is very simple.

My cats love this yarn.  Anytime I put it down, one or both were sitting on it.  

I'm hoping to get the skirt done tomorrow.  It is a breeze after the cardigan.  Size 8 needles.  This photo is deceptive.  The skirt is 38" but George makes it look like a doll skirt.  The bottom band (cables) is knit separately and the stitches are picked up along the selvedge.  I think the contrast in textures.

There is a slit at the back.  I will be knitting socks for the magazine while on the trip.  Good thing I am fast.

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  1. Love the kitty on the mink! Cats rule! Beautiful twin set. It's nice to see the finished work.