Friday, December 30, 2016

Knitting Backwards

I apologize for not posting an entry for so long.  Between TKGA's transition to a stand-alone non-profit, working on the first digital issue of Cast On and the holidays, I just didn't get to it.  I'm now back to my once every two week schedule. 

I'm now working on the Spring issue.  The Call for Designs is out now.  If you are interested in submitting a design go to and select the Publications tab.  You'll find information there on submitting a design.

As part of the reorganization, we have changed the way students get the materials.  As soon as a course is ordered, the student receives a confirmation email with the files attached.  However, if someone purchases more than one course at the same time, only one course will be sent.  Order them separately.  I prefer the new system as students get the materials immediately.  In the past, they wouldn't get them until I received notice from Offingers and then I would send the materials.

Another self-serving topic!  My new MiniCourse will be available in January and I spent this early part of this week writing it.  The title is Fair Isle Flat.  It really should be called Stranded Knitting Flat but that doesn't sound as good.  I really resisted developing this course as my method for doing stranded work is anything but traditional and since our organization keeps traditions alive I felt it would be a problem but I have had many requests for this information. 

Most knitters prefer doing stranded work in the round but I like doing it flat for a variety of reasons.  Mainly I think the stranding tension is much easier to manage and I don't mind purling.  In the course, I suggest trying knitting backwards instead of purling. This way the RS of the work is facing which can make following the chart easier.

To knit backwards, don't turn your work when you reach the end of the row.  Just insert the left needle in the last stitch BEHIND the right needle and wrap it over the needle from left to right.  You then use the right needle to pull the stitch through.  The photograph below shows the yarn wrapped properly. 

Like anything you try for the first time, it can feel weird but if you practice it starts to feel more natural.  This also can be something to try if you purl looser than you knit. 

Here is a link to the video where I demonstrate this.  Knitting Backwards

I'm having salon on Sunday even though it is New Year's Day.  It will be from 2-4pm.

I did do a lot of knitting for presents but I didn't photograph a single thing!  It was mostly hats, scarves, mittens and fingerless mitts.  I did think to photograph the hats and mitts I knit for myself.  I had several skeins of Sapphire Jade cashmere that I've had forever.  I have to say these are pretty yummy.  Its been too warm here to wear them but I know that won't last!