About Arenda Holladay

I've been lucky enough to make my hobby my profession but it took a while to get here.   My education in Classics certainly didn't prepare me for this job (although I've always felt if you can learn ancient Greek you can learn pretty much anything) but my "work" experience as a technical writer, instructional designer and computer trainer certainly helped.  Even my volunteer work as a stage manager for a ballet company has provided useful.  If you can manage an IATSE crew while wrangling costumed children and hysterical parents as the curtain goes up for The Nutcracker, you can handle any problems that may arise in a knitting class....

Like so many growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah in the 1950s, I learned to knit (as well as embroider, crochet and quilt) as a child but I didn't start knitting obsessively until the 1980s when I needed a way to relieve stress from my job and to come up with endless baby presents.  The arrival of my own children (two daughters) further sparked my obsession, not only to make cute things for them but to preserve their lives.  Did I mention I knit as a stress reducer? 

I became involved with TKGA's Master Knitting Program when we moved to Lexington, KY from Washington, DC.  My career as a training consultant to govermental agencies and corporations was no longer practical so I turned my time to knitting and volunteering.  One thing led to another and to sum up, I  became a Master Knitter in 2000, joined the Master Committee which reviews the work of those going through the program.

In November 2016 the management company that owned TKGA planned to dissolve the organization. Several members of the Master Committee and myself decided takeover TKGA and make it a non-profit.  I'm now the president of the board and the editor of Cast On, which has been digital only since the Winter 2016-2017 issue.


  1. Wonderful to meet you and get to know about you! I hope to make it to your Knitting Salon sometime!
    -Ken McCamish

  2. Hi! I want to say thanks for your tips. Not only are they so helpful but are also inspiring. I have worked as a contract knitter a few times and could always meet the designer's gauge. Funny to think that I would have a difficult time with my own gauge. I was ready to pull my hair out. After reading your post about gauge I feel much better about my knitting. I'm up to the first swatch of lace and feel I should check your blog to be sure I'm doing it right. I'm off! Many thanks!

  3. I am very much enjoying the Basics class- thanks for your expertise Arenda!
    Sharon from IN

  4. HI Arenda! I am working on the Level 1 hand knitting certification program. I have already submitted my coursework once and am now making corrections. I didn't know until about 15 minutes ago that you had a blog. I just signed up for it. I am looking forward to your weekly tips and advice!

  5. I just missed meeting you at the Midwest Weavers Conference. I was at the Red Fish booth and am going to knit your "Summer" sweater. I am a beekeeper and am so excited about your current project! Now I get to binge read your blog!

  6. I loved your appearance with Suzannes Bryan today, it was very insightful and really fun. Just the nudge I need to get back to “basics”!