Friday, December 6, 2013

K2P2 Ribbing to K1P1 Ribbing

I'm sitting around waiting for the storm they've been predicting all week...combination of sleet, ice and snow. I'm hoping it misses us.

I am going to try and make posts during December but I'm not promising anything.  I have so much to do....all self-imposed so I won't complain.  I like to make about 20 different cookies for my friends and family.  I enjoy it but it does take a bit of time.  I've found a few new recipes I want to try as well.

Several students wanted to clear their desks before the holidays so I had more lessons to review than I thought.  I never mind reviewing lessons.  Keep me busy!  I've had a few inquiries about whether students can continue if they've let time slip.  Of course you can!  As long as I am the instructor of the course, I will review the work.

This week's tip is very simplistic.  In the last Tip I discussed tubular binds offs.  Although you can work a tubular bind off on K2P2 ribbing, I've found them less than desirable.  What I do is convert the K2P2 ribbing to K1P1 ribbing on the last row before the slipped stitches.  The video shows this technique which is very simple.  K2P2 ribbing to K1P1 ribbing

The photograph below shows a tubular bind off where I did this.  This is the top of a fingerless mitt I made last year.  If you look closely, you can see where the stitches have been cabled but it really isn't all that noticeable.  I find it better looking than the K2P2 methods I've tried.  

The weather is supposed to be just awful on both Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone feels brave enough or if the storm isn't as bad as predicted, Salon will be on Saturday from 1:30-4pm.  Hope you can make it.

As always I am knitting close friends and family members small gifts.  I have been knitting up a storm.  Before I started the holiday gifts I finished up a baby and big sister gift for two special girls.  I thought the holly leaves made it seasonal.  The girls have a very talented grandmother who can take off the leaves and replace them with something else after Christmas.

Since I know none of the gift recipients read this blog I can identify them.  (This will help me next year to remember what I knit!)  These are for Kim.  I haven't made her socks for quite some time.  I used the same bow tie pattern.  I really like this one.

These mitts are for Cara.  She is fond of Tiffany Blue.  This is yarn left over from socks I made her several years ago.  (Breakfast at...socks,  I'm making a hat as well.  I was hoping I had enough yarn but to be on the safe side, I've ordered another skein from Miss Babs.

My niece and sister want mittens so I came up with this classic design.  Since they only take a few hours to do, I got enough yarn for matching hats.  (Berroco Ultra Alpaca)

These are for Martha.  The photo doesn't do the yarn justice.  First of all, it is purple and Second, it has sparkles.  Martha is about the least likely sparkly person I know so I thought she'd get a kick out of them.

I still have quite a few presents to go.  Good thing I am a fast knitter.  If I could stitch to one pattern, it would go MUCH faster.  I must have ripped out that mitten five times!