Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eyelet Buttonhole Version 2

I'm doing my blog a day early as I have to drive up to Zanesville, OH for the selection meeting tomorrow.  We are picking the designs for the Spring issue. 

I received several lessons on the Saturday before Labor Day.  I felt bad that they couldn't go out until Tuesday.  Several students have let me know that their work is on the way.  Keep me busy!

I thought I'd finish up with the eyelet buttonholes before going on to a different topic.  This week it is Eyelet Buttonholes Version 2.  This buttonhole isn't all that different from the first version but it does require some pre-planning.  It is used for K2P1 stitch patterns.  The buttonhole is worked over the two purl stitches but you have to begin the technique on the last knit stitch before the two purls stitches.  Decreases are worked on either side of the yarnovers.  The first decrease is an SSK.  This decrease slants towards the left.   Since the stitch to be decreased is a purl, the knit stitch covers up the purl.  A K2tog decrease is used on the other side of the yarnovers.  This decrease slants towards the right so the knit stitch covers up the purl.

As for Version 1, this version uses a double decrease as well.  Since the yarnovers are above two purl stitches, they need to be worked in such a way so that they will be purl stitches on the RS when the buttonhole is complete.  The decreases and yarrnovers are made on the RS so the next row is a WS row.  That means if you want these stitches to be purl stitches on the RS, you will use a knit increase.  I use M1 increases.  It really doesn't matter which way you slant them since you are working them on the WS. 

This photograph shows the buttonhole.  I stretched the swatch so you can see the buttonhole more clearly.  When it is not stretched, the buttonhole is almost invisible.  Here is the video:  Eyelet buttonhole Version 2

Salon will be on Sunday from 1:30-3:20.  On Saturday I will be at the UK football game. 

I have finished the Pepe LePew skirt.  The fabric looks quite stiff but it is actually quite soft.  It has a nice drape. 

I'm still using my Zoom Loom to use up sock yarn.  If you visit, you have to take coasters with you.  They are fun.  The ones that are spread out are made from Zauberball sock yarn.  The repeats are so long the resulting coasters are all different.

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