Friday, March 28, 2014


Registration went live for the meeting in Manchester this week.  One of the events we have scheduled is a Yarn Tasting.  It should be lots of fun.  StevenBe and Stephen West will host it.  Participants will get a great goody bag plus lots of yarns to try.  I am very excited about this event.

I'm still struggling with my cold.  The fact that it snows one day and is 70 degrees the next can't help!

The updates to the Basics Class are coming along nicely.  I should make my deadline of April 1st.  I did get some lessons to review this week but not too many.  I tried to time my reviews to times when I felt the most clear headed!

This is another topic inspired by my updates to the Basics Class.  I have a swatch where the student works yarnovers.  The yarnovers in the swatch are worked between two stockinette stitches.  This type of yarnover is simple.  You just bring the yarn forward as if to purl, then you knit the next stitch.  In a project you might have different types of stitches next to each other:  You may need to work a yarnover between two purl stitches or a knit and a purl or a purl and a knit.

  • Two Purl Stitches--There are two ways to make this yarnover.  One produces a smaller yarnover which can be hard to see.  To do this, purl the first stitch, bring the yarn to the back and over the right needle.  Purl the next stitch.  The second method produces a larger yarnover.  Purl the first stitch.  With the yarn in front, bring it over and completely around the right needle.  Purl the next stitch. 
  • Purl and Knit-- Purl the first stitch.  With the yarn in front, bring it forward over the needle.  Knit the next stitch.
  • Knit and Purl--Knit the first stitch.  The procedure is the same as for making a yarnover between two purl stitches.

The photo shows these techniques.  The second yarnover from the right is the one which produces a smaller yarnover.  You can see that it looks different from the rest.  The video shows all techniques.  Making Yarnovers

There isn't much you can do wrong when making a yarnover other than not making it or wrapping the yarn around the needle several times.  Knitters new to lace sometimes make a very common mistake.  I discovered this when I wrote a pattern for a simple hand towel and several knitters had difficulty with it.  They complained that they ran out of stitches before they could complete the row.  It took me quite a while to figure out what they were doing.  A yarnover is made BETWEEN stitches.  What they were doing was assuming that a yarnover consisted of two things....making the yarnover and then knitting the next stitch.  They didn't realize that the yarnover was just one thing.  This is a fairly common mistake.

I am still not 100% but I don't think I am contagious anymore so I will have salon on Saturday from 2-4:30.  By the way, the next opera is on April 5th and it is La Boheme.  If you have ever wanted to see an opera, this is the one to see.  The Zeffirelli production is lovely and the cast looks (and sounds) fantastic.  Also, for an opera, it is on the short side.  


It was a very productive week. I finished the Fleur-de-lis Hats and Mittens and the pattern.   

I also finished the knitting for the baby & kids argyle vests.  They are blocking.  Since the yarn is superwash I didn't take that much trouble.  I mainly wanted to smooth out the diamonds.  Unlike the adult versions, I am going to duplicate stitch the cross hatching.  The color is off.  This looks like robin egg blue.  It is a deeper shade.  The samples are sizes 9-12 months & 4T.  The pattern goes up to Size 10.

I've done the gauge swatch and started the Wasp Wing tunic.  I'm using Shibui Linen which I love.  

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