Friday, March 7, 2014

Jogless Join...Continued...

We had a "winter" event here on Sunday night which pretty much shut everything down.  Since I couldn't get out of my driveway immediately we had the Cast On selection meeting a day later.  They didn't get as much snow in Ohio as we did here in Kentucky.  The good news is that my new hip seems to be working fine.  I was able to shovel snow with no bad results (except for sore muscles...I haven't been able to exercise since September!)  The 9 hour drive was much more painful.

Mail was delivered despite the weather so I did get several lessons to review.  I continue to be amazed at how fast mail comes from Europe.  I received a lesson from a student who just ordered the a few weeks ago.  I've noticed the slowest mail service is from Canada.  It is astounding how long it takes.

Last week the tip discussed the jogless join.  This is something tested in Level 1 of the Masters Program where a mitten with several stripes is submitted.  Many knitters have trouble with this.  It isn't the jogless join that causes the problem but rather how the yarn tails are woven in.  If it isn't done properly, the join isn't jogless or there are overlarge or twisted stitches.

This is what jogless joins look like before the yarn tails are woven in.  Notice the overlarge stitches.

The first step is to turn the piece inside out and use a tapestry needle to work the excess yarn out of the large stitches.  The second step is to look at the RS again and make sure the stitches look even.  (This is the step I think many knitters skip.  They just start weaving in the tails.)  Unless you look at the RS, you do not know if the stitches look correct and blend in with the surrounding stitches.

Next the tails are woven in using the duplicate stitch method.  As you weave in the tails, make sure to check the RS often to ensure that the stitches do not get twisted or distorted.  This photograph shows the WS of a swatch with a jogless join.

I have discussed how to do this MANY times in this blog.  Check the index for posts on this topic.  This video shows how to weave in the tails of a jogless join specifically.  Weaving in Yarn Tails for a Jogless Join

Salon will be on Sunday (March 9) from 1:30-3:20).

I offered to make a baby hat for a friend to give as a gift.  I almost forgot that I had made this promise.  It only took a few hours even though the rosebuds gave me fits.  The first set were too big and looked silly.  These are much smaller.

I love this design for a baby hat.  The baby can wear it for a long time as the brim can roll down and the stockinette is so stretchy.

I finished Cynthia's socks.  They go in the mail today.  The yarn is a wool/cotton blend.

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