Friday, February 27, 2015

Knitting Backwards

The snow hasn't melted yet and it is still quite cold, 8 degrees this morning. It is supposed to get warm this week.  We can only hope!

I got quite a few lessons to review this week which kept me busy.  I feel sorry for the postal deliverer.  Very few people here shovel their walks and it is very treacherous.  It is my pet peeve.  I generally start my day with a walk to Starbucks and since I don't have an ice axe I haven't been able to make the walk.

Diana suggested this tip.  She was working on entrelac and found that knitting backwards was very helpful.  When you work entrelac you are generally working on very few stitches.  Turning the work can be a pain.  If you are working a stranded design flat, working backwards can be helpful, particularly if the pattern is not a symmetrical one.  When you are working stranded work in the round you read the charts from right to left but if you are working flat, you read the charts from left to right on the purl rows.  If you knit backwards you still have to work the chart from left to right but the right side of the work is facing you so it is easier to see the design.  Some knitters have found this technique useful for improving their tension.  Knitting backwards can be another tool in your toolbox.

It isn't hard, it just takes a bit of practice.  I don't do this very often as I don't mind turning my work so anytime I try it I need to think a bit before starting.  What I find helps is to turn the work, position the needle as if to purl and then flip the work over.  In the photo you can see that I have inserted the left needle under the stitch on the right needle.  You then wrap the yarn from left to right over the left needle.

Here is the video:  Knitting Backwards

I won't be having salon this week.  There is just no place to park and the sidewalks are so bad I can't risk having people come over.  I hope the snow is gone by next week!

I am within inches of finishing the second sleeve of this sweater.  I am so sick of it.  I'll finish the sleeve today, block them tomorrow and sew them in over the weekend.  I can't think of a project I have been more anxious to finish.  I'll start the Wine Dark Sea next.  I spent some time thinking about my proposals for the Fall issue.  The selection meeting is on Thursday.

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