Friday, September 26, 2014

Provisional Cast On Part 2

Quite a few lessons arrived this week.  I think the fall inspires my students to complete their work.  I spend the week working on the jacket for Cast On.  Things didn't turn out exactly as planned!

I will do a blog entry next week before I leave for the fiber festival but I will not do one the next week or the week after.  I will be at Stitches East and then in Santa Fe.  TKGA will have a booth at Stitches.  Drop by if you are there.  While I am out of town, I will be available by email for questions and my housesitter will bring in any lessons that arrive.

I am always happy when students complete lessons and send them in.  Keep them coming!  There was another graduate for the Gauge Class.  Elizabeth did a fantastic job with the lesson.  It is a pleasure to review such lovely work!

As promised, here is another way to do a provisional cast on.  I tend to use this method when I am working with very fine yarn.  It can be difficult to crochet a chain that will match the gauge of the project.  Undoing the crochet chain, even if done properly can be difficult with fine yarn.  I also use this technique when using a fuzzier yarn.

For this method you can place the live stitches on either waste yarn or a cable.  Since you are going to be transferring the stitches to a needle anyway, why not skip a step.  It can be a bit difficult getting started.  As you will see in the video, you hold the cable over your index finger while your working yarn is over your thumb.  Cables don't exactly mold to your hand.  I am always happy when students complete lessons and send them in.  Keep them coming!  Here is a photograph of the cast on.

When I use this technique, I always put several extra stitches on the needle.  The stitches at the beginning and end of the cast on are hard to manage.  When you have the number of stitches you need you can just drop the extras.  The photograph shows the cast on plus a few rows.  Notice that it looks just like the photograph from last week.

Getting started, as I said, is a bit tricky but once you get going, you develop a rhythm and it goes very fast.
Here is the video:  Provisional Cast On Part 2

Salon will be on Sunday from 2-5pm.  There is a football game on Saturday and the historical home in our neighborhood is having a "Living History" day dedicated to the War of 1812.  They seem to be shooting off guns about every 30 minutes.  There will not be a Salon the first and second weeks in October.

I had hoped to post photos of the completed jacket but I hit a snag on the collar.  (The sleeves are done and are soaking so I can block them tomorrow.)  I thought I had finished the collar last night but when I looked at it this morning I realized that for it to lay right, it must have a facing so I undid it.  I have learned the hard way that if you don't like it as you work it, you should just start again.  The collar I did last night had the reverse st st as the RS and it just wasn't right.  I promise a photo next week!  Here is a photo of the back.  I used cables to shape the waist.   The fronts have no shaping at all.

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