Friday, May 23, 2014

Decorative Duplicate Stitch

I won't be posting a blog next week as I will be out of town.

I have been busy working on the Yarn Tasting.  ChiaoGoo is supplying Size 2 (2.75mm) needles for all the participants.  I am waiting to hear from two other companies to see if I can get the Size 5 and 8 needles supplied.  If not, the participants will have to bring those sizes.

Yarn is really starting to arrive now.  I have had such a good response from most of the companies I have contacted.  I am knitting up a swatch for each yarn to be tasted as I go.  The white swatch is two yarns held together, a mohair with some sparkle and a white cotton with sequins.  It is quite pretty.

I had quite a few students sign up for the course this week.  I didn't have too many lessons to review which gave me lots of time to wind small center-pull balls!  Again, I won't be home next week but I have a house sitter who will pick up packages.  I can process new orders, however, and answer questions as I will have my iPad with me.

This was a special request.  One of the things Master Program candidates have to do in Level 3 is a swatch with decorative duplicate stitch.  When I was reviewing I found that this was the swatch that had to be resubmitted the most times.  The problem is that duplicate stitch needs to duplicate the stitches below and if they don't, the swatch has to be redone.  Twisted stitches are the problem.  Stockinette stitches are open at the bottom and the duplicate stitch has to be open as well.  This photo shows correct duplicate stitch.  You can't really tell if the stitches are twisted or not.  You have to stretch it to be sure.     

This photograph shows untwisted duplicate stitch.  Notice the bottom is open and the duplicate stitch matches the stockinette stitch below.

This photograph shows where the stitches are twisted.

How do you avoid twisted stitches?  You need to pay attention.  I've noticed that right-handed knitters tend to insert the needle at the top from the right to the left and that left knitter insert the needle from left to right.  Why?  Because that is the easiest way to do it.  When doing duplicate stitch you need to insert the needle in the direction you are going.  The video makes this very clear.  Decorative Duplicate Stitch

The other thing you need to do is to select a yarn of a similar weight.  If you use a lighter weight yarn it won't cover the stitch.  If you select a heavier weight yarn, it will distort the fabric.

There will not be a salon this week.  I am not sure about next week.  It depends on how much work I have to do when I get home.

Socks, socks, socks.  I hope to finish the pink and purple pair before I leave town.   

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