Friday, February 1, 2013

I "celebrated" a birthday this week and I have officially moved from "hag" to "crone."  Milestones are important!
I spent the week working on Lesson 3 of the Gauge correspondence class...just in time, as it turns out.  Carolyn, one of the co-chairs of the Masters Committee reviewed it.  She is such a good proofreader (and I am a horrible proofreader).  Next week I move onto the Finishing Class.  It should be easier...less math.
Students are sending in lesson which also has been keeping me busy.  I really enjoy looking at what the students in the Swatch to Sweater class are designing. 
This really isn't a tip.  MarisOC in a Ravely post asked if I could video my way of knitting.  First of all, let me say that I know I knit in a different way and for that reason, I never teach anyone how to knit.  Second, I don't think it matters one tiny bit how people knit as long as it is comfortable for them and they get even tension.  I NEVER EVER would tell someone they are not knitting"right."  With that said, I don't remember who taught me how to knit.  Both of my grandmothers knit (one German, one English) and I did knit as a child but I didn't pick it up again until I was in my 30s so maybe I figured it out on my own.  I feel very self-conscious about how I knit since in the original Principles of Knitting, Hiatt devotes several paragraphs (pages 6-7) about my method ending with, "If someone you know knits this way, ...and offers to teach you how, decline as politely as possible, but do decline."  I find my method comfortable and since I knit very fast and my tension is very even I haven't wasted my time worrying about it. (By the way, I have pretty bad arthritis in my wrists and I can knit for hours at a time with no pain.)  Watch the video and decide for yourself.   How I knit  (Thanks to Stephanie who has agreed to be my videographer!)
By the way, I feel bad that I have had two request for tips of the week that I turned down.  I like to do things that are pretty generic and don't require a ton of set up.  For the tips I have to knit up samples and if it is a topic that requires some major knitting, I won't be able to do it.  I'd be happy to give you suggestion on topics like that.  One suggestion has prompted an article in Cast On so keep the ideas coming.   
Salon will be on Saturday for a change.  The basketball game is an away game and doesn't start until 6pm.  It will be form 1:30-3:30pm.  There isn't an opera until Feb. 16th.  I am very excited as it will be a new production of Rigoletto set in 1960s Las Vegas.  The opera really lends itself to this time frame.  I NEVER recommend that someone see an opera as most would find it torture but if you have ever wanted to see an opera, this would be the one to see.  You'd recognize lots of the music (particularly if you ever watched Bugs Bunny cartoons.)
I finished up the baby present.  The new grandmother is picking it up this weekend.  I used some of my vintage mother of pearl buttons from my collection.  You can't tell how beautiful they are in this photograph.  I sort of collect vintage buttons.  I'm not a serious collector but I do love them.

I am also working on some socks for a birthday present but since I know the recipient read this blog I won't post a photo of them which would ruin the surprise but here is the yarn.  It is Miss Babs Northumbria and the color is My Kelley.  It is lovely to work with.

It has been very cold here and the one thing I have never knit for myself is a hat.  I've been wearing a really scroungy one on my morning walks to Starbucks and I have decided it is time to upgrade.  I'm using some Berocco Ultra Alpaca which is rapidly becoming my very favorite yarn.  I'm using the same technique I used for the peplum blouse.  The cuff (?) or band (?) is garter stitch and I will pick up stitches for the hat.  After working with the baby and sock yarn, it is like knitting with broom sticks. 

The ends will be grafted together before I pick up the stitches for the hat. 

Next week I will be posting swatches for the Utah sweater.  I can't wait to start!  It will be the final one in the series.  I'll be sad to be done (and so will Elf and Sandy at Redfish!)


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